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Shammi Kapoor Unplugged


Shammi Kapoor Unplugged is all about nostalgia and a walk down memory lane with the eternal lover boy and one of Hindi cinema's biggest superstars. The legendary Shammi Kapoor will take you through the beautiful memories of a super successful career that spanned over five decades and a life lived to the fullest - straight from the heart. Thanks to Rajshri Productions for making such a wonderful series. Below we have listed all the 44 episodes. Enjoy!

Shammi Kapoor Unplugged

01. An Email From Pakistan

02. The Mouse Took My Cigarette Away

03. 8-8-88 Changed My Life Forever

04. I Fell In Love With Something Called The Computer

05. You Gotta Live With It... Not Die Of It

06. My Friend Vicky Kambli

07. Tumsa Nahin Dekha - Turning Point In My Career

08. Yahoo Could Have Been Dev Anand

09. Teesri Manzil Fell Into My Lap All Thanks To Dev Anand

10. I Was Four When I Tasted Brandy

11. Raj Kapoor Pulled A Fast One On Me

12. Between Football And Girls, I Obviously Chose...

13. A Gramaphone Instead Of A Kiss

14. Music Makes My World Go Round

15. Amitabh Bachchan And I Composed A Song Together

16. I Fell In Love with a Belly Dancer

17. Get Me The Helicopter Baby!

18. I Posed As A TC At The Railway Station To Watch Movies

19. I Stole A Birthday Present For My Nephew Randhir Kapoor

20. Two Broken Ribs...All Thanks To A Beautiful Woman

21. My Raksha Bandhan Gimmick Kept All My Rakhi Sisters Very Happy

22. I Left A Shot Mid-Way And Ran To My Hotel

23. Ten Beautiful Years I Spent With My Wife Geeta Bali

24. She Was 9 And I Was 19 When I Met Neila For The First Time

25. Geeta...Tumsa Nahin Dekha!

26. The Pan Parag Ad Brought Me Face To Face With My Idol Ashok Kumar

27. My First Kiss

28. My Grand Entry as the Son-in-law of Bhavnagar

29. Around Tokyo In Ten Pounds!

30. I Heard a Divine Voice Responding To My Song

31. My Mother's Happiest Moment was on Diwali Every Year

32. My Father Used to Wrestle to Keep Himself Fit

33. The Magic of 'Haidakhan Baba'

34. A Positive Change Was Impending In My Life

35. My First Visit to Haidakhan Ashram, Babaji's abode

36. For 12 Days I Did Not Touch A Drop Of Alcohol

37. I Seek Babaji In My Dreams!

38. The Beginning Of Mohd. Rafi & Shammi Kapoor's Association

39. 'Yahoo' was not done by Rafi Saab

40. I Lost My Voice

41. Manna Da ...'Yalla Yalla Dil Le Gayi'

42. Talat Saab Gave Me One Of The First Hit Numbers Of My Career

43. Mala Sinha...Dil Tera Deewana Hai Sanam

44. Kishore Da Never Sang For Me Until One Day

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