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The ShammiWeb Blog

To Whomsover it May Concern

ShammiWeb has been online since 1998 on public domain and then on private domain www.shammikapoor.net with permission from Shammi Kapoor himself. As time passed by and technology changed we upgraded our website and also made a prominent existence on social networking sites like facebook, orkut, etc. We have some really rare artifacts and also photos given by Mr. Shammi Kapoor to be hosted on this site in future.

Before Shammiji passed away he left a huge burden on me (in a written agreement) to keep his internet legacy alive which includes his fanclub – Shammiweb www.shammikapoor.net , his own website (which was designed by him) – www.junglee.org.in as well as other forms of internet presence like facebook and youtube where there can be more activity within the fans. He had always made it a point to ask me about the expenses for hosting / registering and the time I spent on the sites, and I made it a point of never charging him for the same as I had started this with love. He used to call me beta and I called him Papaji.

In some of my last meetings with Shammiji we had talked about making the sites self-sustainable by making a contract with some film/media company to host their exclusive advertisements on both the websites mentioned above. We had already started putting up advertisements step by step which are now prevailing on the websites. If you might have noticed, we have refrained from using any advertisements which irritate people like pop-ups or fraudent links which mislead people into some toolbar or virus. We have kept the site clean and used a safe platform from google to ensure this safety for our visitors. We have also starting some other fan clubs which will be more for commercial interests and will help us enhance this site more with video conferences, chat-rooms or anything the technology will help us upgrade.

When we mention donations people always think of money. Yes we do require money to keep these sites up but its not the only thing we are looking for. We want fans to share this site with other fans and film enthusiasts. The main motive of this site is to keep the artistic legacy of the legend called Shammi Kapoor alive for generations and time to come. We need your help for the same. If you are hosting any musical or film based programs please make a point to publicize these websites there and we will publicize your program news reports on our facebook page also. Any kind of help is appreciated.
For more details mail us on the details available on our CONTACT PAGE.

Thank you,
Nikhil Gangavane

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