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Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai

Tumse Acha Kaun HaiSorrow and tragedy at some time or the other are every man's companions. But only he is to be called a real man who keeps his faith in god alive in the dark days and faces adversity with a smile.Only then will the world say ""Tumse Achha Kaun Hai"".This is the story of one such man, named Ashok. He could not forget and never could he forgive himself for the fact that because of a childhood prank,his sister Roopa became blind. His only ambition was to restore his sister's eyesight. There was a ray of hope when he came to know that a newly discovered operation could restore her eyesight - but the money required was beyond what he could ever mange to earn. While there is an aristocrat lady Sarojini, who hates love marriages because her twin sister had a distressing experience because of love marriage and had gone astray after that. Sarojini Devi wished that her three grand daughters who had lost their parents, should have arranged marriages and should not fall in love. But she found it difficult to get them married to young men of her choice, because the eldest of the three sisters was a man-hater and the two young sisters were already in love. Sarojini Devi offers Ashok the job of breaking the love affairs of the two younger sisters and making the elder sister agreeable to the idea of marrying a young man of her granny's choice. To get the money for her sister's eye operation, Ashok accepts the offer and the unusual assignment. During his new position in the new household, where Ashok admirably succeeds in carrying out his assignment, but he himself falls in love with the eldest sister Asha. Granny gets furious, she exposes Ashok as a paid man and turns him out of the house. On reaching his own house empty handed Ashok discovers that his blind sister has been raped by an unknown criminal in his absence. Swearing revenge, Ashok set out in search of the rapist. The rapist, Pran in the meanwhile, has managed to get engaged to Asha. In a criminal conspiracy he abducts the honest granny and substituted her evil sister in her place. Ashok, in search of his sister, was injured in an explosion caused by Pran. In the hospital, he is nursed by none else than his own lost sister Roopa, who recovered her eyesight after the kind behaviour of a saintly surgeon. But feeling ashamed of her own dishonour, Roopa left the hospital without meeting her brother. Pran and Asha engaged, the granny abducted, his sister lost again.. Ashok finds that life was being too harsh upon him. He loses his faith in God, but soon he finds his sister again but she is critically ill.. he is left with no alternative but to pray for his sister's life. His prayers are heard and Roopa is saved and reunited with her brother.The Divine powers have guided him to the road to happiness. With the help of Asha's faithful chauffeur Mahesh, Ashok is able to foil the villain's conspiracy, rescue the real granny and save Asha from Pran's clutches. Now granny and Asha both understand Ashok and a new sun of happiness dawns in his life.


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